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Welcome To Digital Exports Marketing
Welcome to Digital Exports Marketing (DEM). We are dedicated to delivering 100% confirmed deals. Just like a well-prepared meal requires the right ingredients, the success of a deal hinges on your active participation and support.
Conditions for Confirming Deals:
  • Supplier cooperation is crucial. Timely responses and proper follow-ups are necessary for a successful transaction.
  • Conference calls with international buyers are not arranged in the buyer connect service. This service is exclusive to domestic clients.
  • Payment terms are to be decided and agreed upon by both buyers and sellers. DEM does not partake in the negotiation process between the parties.
  • If a buyer requests a PDC cheque and you agree, DEM does not guarantee payment terms. Any payment-related issues should be resolved directly between the buyer and seller.
Product Availability and Coordination:
  • Buyers should allow suppliers time to complete the deal, especially if the products are not readily available.
  • Effective coordination between the buyer and the supplier is essential for a smooth deal closure.
Focus and Preferences:
  • Our primary focus is connecting suppliers with buyers, both domestically and internationally. Deals are open for preferences in India and worldwide.
  • Suppliers should allow DEM time to find the right buyers, especially if there are specific preferences.
Order Placement and Cancellation:
Once an order is placed and confirmed, it cannot be canceled, as it promptly moves for further processing.
Buyer Connection:
Buyer connection work is exclusively handled by +91-8448668076. Any buyer connections from other numbers are not authorized by DEM. Report such instances to our support team at support@digitalexportsmarketing.com within 24 hours; otherwise, DEM will not be responsible.
  • Deals can only be closed for companies that have paid 50% of the agreed-upon package amount.
  • DEM is responsible for payments received only in DEM company accounts. Payments to individual accounts are not the responsibility of Digital Exports Marketing.
  • By engaging in our services, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. For any queries or concerns, please contact us at digitalexports878@gmail.com.